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How to view the 3D-Gallery?

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Viewing MindScaper’s online 3D-Gallery

3d glass (anaglyph)
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I. General Information about Stereoscopic Viewing

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II. Using the online 3D-Gallery

The easiest way to view the 3D-Gallery is using Anaglyph Glasses

MindScaper Anaglyph Glasses Standing

or any other supported stereo display method (see below).

On smartphones, you probably may also view without glasses when you chose “Parallel”-mode.
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II.2 Standard Implementation: Stereo Viewer using HTML5 – [2 Menue Bars Version]


  • this implementation of the stereo gallery uses the HTML5 Stereo Viewer
    • your browser has to support html5
    • java scripts must be enabled


Top Buttons
Show_On/Show_Off state if the Show and Changing: Starting/Stopping Slide Show
Full_Screen opens Full-Screen if supported by browser
<< Prev Previous Image
Next >> Next Image
L-R Swap Left/Right images
Zoom – Zoom out
Fit Fit To Window
Zoom + Zoom in
n/m n: the current stereogram
m: the total amount of stereograms
Below Buttons
3D_C_Ana. Color Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
3D_Ana. Gray Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
3D_Dubois Dubois Anaglyph (Red-Cyan) (wrong coloured)
3D_Para Parallel eyes
3D_Cross Cross eyes
3D_Int. Row Interlaced
3D_V_Int. Column Interlaced
Help Opens Help page at MindScaper
3D-Galleries Opens the 3D-Gallery main page
Copyright Copyright and Version (last update of the show)

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II.3 Desktop: Method using Flash-Player

stereo gallery themescreenshot of a 3D-Galllery Topic


  • this implementation of the stereo gallery uses the Stereo Flash Viewer
    • flash player must be installed
    • java scripts must be enabled


  • The loading progress of the images will be displayed by an animated icon.


  • It may take some time to load a thematic gallery (e.g. still life, 3d-coffee …) to download all of its stereograms on a slow internet connection.
  • The images are rezised for the web (single image max 768x768pix, double image mac 1536x768pix)
  • A control bar will be dsplayed at the bottom of the screen that allows you to choose the stereo viewing method (when cursor is on the stereo area)

stereo gallery theme with control barstereo flash player control bar (cut left)control bar (click to enlarge)

  • Choose the display method cross-eyed or parallel, anaglyph (color, half-color, blue/yellow or Dubois) or left/right interlaced (see “Stereo Viewing (Introduction)“)
  • You may start or stop the slideshow or click a thumbnail to display the selected image.
  • The standard stereo display has a width of 480 pixels, if you like full page view, choose below the stereo area “full page view click here” and it opens an new tab

stereo gallery full viewstereo gallery full view with control bar

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II.3 Different Implementations of 3D-Galleries

You find different methods how the 3D-Galleries are implemented. Due to the availability of different viewing methods, the 3D-Galleries are implemented in a manner, that the viewing method can be choosen and the stereograms may be explored as a slide-show.
The large range of devices makes it difficult the have only one implementation. The standard (default) implementation is the flash player implementation. An alternate implementation may be choosen and is based on html5.
The implementations are tested as follows:

OS Browser Remarks
Firefox Opera Chrome Internet explorer Safari Default (mobile)
Flash Player* windows (desktop) x x x x
windows (tab/phone) not tested
Android x no no x “Internet” A4.2.1, A4.4.2
Mac x ?Puffin Web Browser? can anyone test?
Iphone/Ipad ?Puffin Web Browser? can anyone test?
HTML5 * windows (desktop) x x x x
(no Full)
windows (tab/phone) not tested
Android x x (no Full) layout problems x x “Internet” (no Full) A4.1.2, A4.4.2
Mac works, browser unknown
Iphone/Ipad works – browser unknown

*requirements and usage see the corresponding chapters below
State: 21.10.2015
you may report here

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last update: 18.03.2018
published: 08.07.2015

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