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Shortcuts About Stereoscopy (Stereophotography)

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Stereoscopy: Photography And Binocular Spatial Perception (Stereopsis)

  • photographic technics
  • spatial depth
  • the viewers capabilities of depth perception (seeing with both eyes and the spatial cognition by your mind)
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3 Main Steps

  • capturing stereograms
  • postprocessing
  • presenting (& viewing)
stereopsis, spatial perception and stereophotography
stereopsis, spatial perception and stereophotography

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Capturing Stereograms

  • spatial contrast (depth contrast)
  • the need of 2 images simulating two eyes: left and right image from a slightly different position (eyebase – stereobase)
  • the stereospace should be taken synchronic
  • the space of depth in a stereogram depends on focal length as well as stereobase
  • has it’s own rules for exploring and capturing the space

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  • erasing the insufficiencies from capturing
    • geometric, e.g. vertical alignment, rotation
    • images, e.g. brightness balance …
  • postprocessing for presentation
    • geometric/stereoscopic conditions
      • presenting methods
      • presenting size

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  • analog and digital possibilities
    • corresponding equipment for presentation, e.g.
      • correct prints (e.g. calibrated colours for anaglyphs)
      • lenticular prints
      • stereoglasses (anaglyph, digital: active and passive)
      • stereoscopes
      • digital screens, lenticular displays, active and passive stereo screens
  • presenting methods and equipment
    • most presenting methods need equipment (stereoscopes, stereoglasses, special 3d-screens…) or printing issues (e.g. lenticular)
    • without equipment possible, but need experience
      • parallel view for small images (image centres of left and right images positions less or equal eyebase (stereobase) of the viewer (<~6-6.5 cm)
      • cross view
  • the place of presentation
    • the size of the presentation
      • stereoscopic conditions
    • distance of viewing
      • the more distant you are, the more depth you see

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  • the ability of binocular spatial perception (stereopsis)
  • the correct equipment of viewing
  • stereoscopic experience
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last update: 09.03.2018
published: 04.06.2017

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