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Bern in 3D II (Christmas Lights) – stereo book

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Bern in 3D

stereoscopic book – 3d-photography

Bern in 3D Flag

Second Walk: Old Center with Christmas Lights

24 Red-Cyan Anaglyph Stereograms

Bern FlagBern is the Capital of Switzerland and has a large historical Center that is UNESCO World Heritage. This old center is about 1km long and lies in the impressive loop of River Aare. You find here various architectonical and historical hot spots like the Zytglogge Clock Tower, the Minster with its gothic tower or the Federal Parliament Building.
Walking in a December night through the old center has a special flair due to the charming Christmas lights.
Within this book with 24 stereograms you make a walk to various of this famous sights. Due to the deep depth impression of the stereograms, you think you stand directly there inside.

3d glass (anaglyph)
The stereograms are represented as red-cyan anaglyphs, and the anaglyph-glasses are included.

stereogram positions on map:

Map with Stereogram Positions "Bern in 3D (2) - Xmas Lights
Map with Stereogram Positions “Bern in 3D (2) – Xmas Lights
List of Stereograms
1Loeb Christmas Fassade
4Chess at Bear Square
5Fountain at Bear Square with Federal Parliament Building
6Christmas Market at Minster Square with Moses Fountain
7Gate to Christmas Market at Minster Square
8Christmas Lights at Minster Square and Alley
9Christmas Tree at Justice Fountain
10Kreuzgass Fountain with Justice Alley
11Kramgasse with Kreuzgass Fountain
12Christmas Candles at Brunngasse
13Christmas Lights at Zimmermania in Brunngasse
14Simson Fountain in Kramgasse
15Zähringer Fountain with Zytglogge in Kramgasse
16Christmas Stars in Zytglogge Gate
17Kiosk and Christmas Stars in Zytglogge Gate
18Marksman Fountain with Zytglogge in Marktgasse
19Anna Seiler Fountain in Marktgasse
20Gate of Christmas Market at Waisenhaus Square
21Tramway Stop at Spitalgasse
22Piper Fountain in Spitalgasse
23Christmas Lights in Schwanengasse
24Christmas Tree at Square of Central Station

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